11 December 2023

Knogjärn – Mera Bedövning

Releasedate:   27th of January 2023
Label:  Indie Recordings

The rock-quartet “Knogjärn” (eng: “Knuckle-Duster”) from Karlstad (Sweden) is the good sample of Renaissance of early 2000s rock-scene. The debut album was in 2015, and this January the band dropped new stuff.  The third album titled “Mera Bedövning” (eng: “Heavier Sedation”), all the lyrics in Swedish.

“Mera Bedövning” is combination of several subgenres such as punk, metalcore, heavy metal and mostly nu-metal (yes, that’s why we are talking about early 2000s). Here the example of classic mastered piece as well: awaking opener, memorable third and fifth tracks, catching stop in the end of list and itching final track (this time no whining during good-bye).

Moving forward, I mention key tracks and sort them into groups. Firstly, “Intte Mit Fel”, “Bedövning” and “365” close enough to nu-metal with downfall riffs and experimental vocals. Secondly, for heavy metal lovers I recommend “Varje Gång”. Thirdly, punk and metalcore fans can enjoy “Snabbhatskedja” and “Akta dig”. The last mentioned type is slow and dramatic (can I mark it as ballad?) – “Aldig Mer”. In other words, all the songs are different that good in whole picture but troublesome for giving recommendation by songs.

Obviously, music evolved an inch during last couple of decades and there no sign of creating new genre. Reason is, we eager to re-listen old stuff with fresh arrangements, that’s how nostalgia works. Rock on and listen to “Knogjärn”.

Line up:
  • Kim Eriksson – Vocals
  • Markus Hurtig – Guitar
  • Rasmus Sörbom – Bass
  • Johan Hidén –Drums


1. Bedövning
2. En sista gång
3. Inte mitt fel
4. Varje gång
5. Vad du än behöver
6. Aldrig mer
7. Kopplet runt min hals
8. FEL
9. Vad vill du ha
10. 365
11. Akta dig
12. Snabbhatskedja