11 December 2023
Katatonia - Sky Void of Stars

Katatonia – Sky Void of Stars

Releasedate:   20-01-2023
Label:  Napalm Records

Katatonia is metal formation that as a quite solid name for many years now. In 2023 the band is releasing a new album, their twelfth studio release. It is called “Sky Void of Stars” and it is available now.

The beginning of “ Sky Void of Stars” is a rather abrupt one. From the first seconds you have the feeling you landed somewhere mid-song. It has quite a tempo along and therefore you may have to quickly let go of your expectations based on their previous releases. No, the band is not straying very far from what we have known but you can see there is a but more vehemence into it. A powerful touch that enhances the intensity of their sound.

When you continue listening you will find some other surprises, for example the track “Birds” which is maybe the furthest they step away from what you heard before of them. A nice step away going in a 80’s direction even, but it is still Katatonia. They left their own flavor to it and that is where you realize this band has their years on the counter.

Towards the end of the album you come across a couple songs that are bit more stereotypical for the band. “No Beacon To Illuminate Our Fall ” will please the long time listener and just as many of the tracks on this release will be a good one to get the energy going at live shows. It seems like this album will be a great one to see performed live. 

“Sky Void of Stars” is an album that surprises me. Not in the quality because that is to be expected from a band of their caliber but due to their way of experimenting still a bit with their sound after so many releases on their name. Sure they have done in the past but for this album it worked out really well.

Line up:
  • Anders Nyström – Guitars
  • Jonas Renkse – Vocals, Songwriting, Lyrics
  • Niklas Sandin – Bass
  • Daniel Moilanen – Drums
  • Roger Öjersson – Guitars
Sky Void of Stars by Katatonia


  1. Austerity
  2. Colossal Shade
  3. Opaline
  4. Birds
  5. Drab Moon
  6. Author
  7. Impermanence (feat. Joel Ekelöf)
  8. Sclera
  9. Atrium
  10. No Beacon To Illuminate Our Fall
  11. Absconder (Bonus track)