24 June 2024

Hemesath – So Schön

Releasedate:   2022
Label:  Echozone

Hemesath is a German formation with their focus on making Neue Deutsche Härte. They released their album “So Schön” earlier this year.

Rockmusic, in German, combined with some dark twist. A bit of a gothic touch or even a hint of folk? A combination that we hear a lot in these German bands. So this band does not bring us something we have not heard before. A commercial sauce to it makes that the music listens quite easily. We can imagine them not having a hard time convincing an audience in a live show in Germany.
“So Schön” as an album does not bring us a lot of variation. The songs are much alike and although the guys try to bring some variation into it by putting different types of songs there, it still falls too much in one line for us. What speaks for them is that they do try to put a bit of spotlight on individual skills, a decent solo in “Flieg” for example makes us think that the guys can grow when all is worked out a bit more into the details.

Hemesath is a band that probably is great for a live show. In summer we can see them successfully playing the festivals, but although “So Schön” is not a bad album, it just does not stand out over the masses of releases we have received this year.


Line up:
  • Chris – Vocals
  • André – Guitar
  • Viktor – Guitar
  • Pedda – Bass
  • Schoppa – Drums


  1. Heile Segen
  2. Elysium
  3. Die Stadt verbrennt
  4. Tanz
  5. Flieg
  6. Schattenseele
  7. Dies eine Leben
  8. So Schön
  9. Bleib bei mir