29 January 2023

Misanthropic Rage – Hallucinatory Phenomena

Releasedate:   2022
Label:  Godz Ov War Productions

Misanthropic Rage is a Polish formation making a rather extreme sort of Black Metal. Some progressive touch, some Death but some Atmospheric into it as well. Their album “Hallucinatory Phenomena” has been released recently.

Whether these guys are still together is unknown, as of now Metal Archives is listing them as split up, but with a nice release in front of us we hope they may consider some future work still.
An early statement in a review, but must be said the guys have come up with a full and entertaining sound. Great riffs that lead you into the song much more splitting you from the vehemence that is countering this all.

“The Afterworld” is a great example of a track that has all these elements in there but being melted together in such a nice way, naturally and that does not always mean they take their time for a transition, sometimes they come fast and abrupt. A dynamic and heavy sound that the guys are bringing throughout this whole album. A good balance with all members is there on its base. Each have their time to shine, but no one steps out to overpower the other. Such a nice balance.
What comes to notice is the guys are taking their time. Long tracks are to be found in this release but it never feels endless. The atmospheric side of this band keeps it entertaining all the time.

What a nice way to end with. A pity they seem to have call it to an end, this album would need to reach a wide audience, it deserves that. Misanthropic Rage created a beautiful release!

Line up:
  • Curse – Drums
  • AR. – Guitars, Vocals
  • W. – Vocals, Bass
Misanthropic Rage


  1. The Personification of a Decaying Shell
  2. The Birth of Insanity
  3. Further
  4. The Afterworld
  5. Void
  6. I Am
  7. Hallucinatory Phenomena