29 January 2023
Ko Ko Mo

Ko Ko Mo – Need Some Mo

Releasedate:   2022
Label:  Pias/Integral

Ko Ko Mo is a duo from France making a combination of Classic Rock and indie pop. This year they released their album “Need Some Mo”.

The duo Warren Mouton (guitars/vocals) and Kevin Grosmolard (drums/backing vocals) have found a wide range of influences to base their music on. From 70’s rock to a more moderist version of indie pop the band keeps a certain dynamic to the core of their sound. A bit fuzzy guitars, Led Zeppelin mentioned as influence and you can surely recognize that in the way they composed these tracks. What come to notice is that they managed to create a rich and full sound with just the two of them. Never it feels too thin or basic in any way, songs like “Non Essential Man” or “Walls Get Closer” are giving a very vibrant touch the this release. Letting you really soak into the music while listening.

Ko Ko Mo are much more explosive as I thought when I was reading about them first, the guys created a wild release that sounds like it will be a joy to see live. “Need Some Mo” is the band’s third full length release so there is more to explore.

Line up:
  • Warren Mouton (Guitar, vocals)
  • Kevin Grosmolard – Drums, Backing vocals


  1. All Along
  2. Blue Flashing Light
  3. Need Some Mo’
  4. Walls Get Closer
  5. Tracking My Soul
  6. Lead You Astray
  7. Your Kiss
  8. Ain’t Gonna Give You Up
  9. Idiocracy Song
  10. Breather
  11. Non Essential Man
  12. Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Bonustrack)