25 May 2024

Darkane – Inhuman Spirits

Releasedate:   24-06-2022
Label:  Massacre Records

The Swedish Melodic Death/Thrash formation Darkane is releasing a new album. It is called “Inhuman Spirits” and it is available now.

A nice surprise when we found this release in my inbox for reviewing. Darkane is a band we came across many times through the earliest years of our magazine but after 2013 the band has been quiet. Until this year. And as soon as we start playing the album it becomes clear that the guys are strong as ever.

Album opener “Inhuman” coming in with some drums that built up tension, embraced with melodic elements until the vocals come in. At that point you realize that this album is one that serves the people who like the typical Swedish sound, brought to 2022. If you listened the song once, it sticks in mind and the next time those lyrics are in your mouth. Vocalist Lawrence mixes vocal styles to create a dynamic sound. Suits very well. “Awakening” for example, shows a good deal of that.

The band as a way of starting their tracks with the Thrash kind of chaos and let the songs slowly evolve to this Melodic Death more. When the guitars present you with some fine riffing, for example in “Inhaling Mental Chaos” they added some nice parts to appreciate. Another one that goes in line with that is “A Spiral To Nothing” which ends quite nice.

Closing track “Valnader” is having piano, calm and a bit haunting. A remarkable end to such a powerful record.

Thinking back of the various live shows we saw from this band and hearing this record makes us excited about what is ahead for them. We hope they hit the roads with this release because it is a killer and surely in this genre my favorite so far from this year.

 Line up:

  • Lawrence Mackrory – Vocals
  • Christofer Malmström – Guitars
  • Klas Ideberg – Guitars
  • Jörgen Löfberg – Bass
  • Peter Wildoer – Drums


  1. Inhuman Spirits
  2. Awakening
  3. Embrace The Flames
  4. Conspiracies Of The Flesh
  5. Inhaling Mental Chaos
  6. Mansion Of Torture
  7. Quintessence Of Evil
  8. A Spiral To Nothing
  9. The Great Deceiver
  10. Vălnader