25 February 2024

Kadavereich – Radiance of Doom

Releasedate:  18-12-2021
Label:  Godz ov War Productions

Kadavereich is Death Metal formation from Russia. The band founded in 2019 and released a demo only before they came to “Radiance of Doom”, an EP that came out late December last year.

The band is focused on the brutal side of their sound. We are presented a bit of strange mix. Guitars are much present but sometimes overshadowing the rest a bit. On the vocal side it misses a bit of vehemence. Grunts fading away while they could have added much more spike to it. So perhaps the guys have to look a bit further into the balance they take while recording. Here and there they thrown in a riff that jumps out a bit. Listen for example “Caldarium of Boiling Blood” where halfway there is a good moment to hear what we are talking about.

The compositions the band has on the release are surely having potential. It is just the execution that the can work on a bit more. For a first release it is not bad at all, but it is a release that shows us a band that needs to develop a bit more. Perhaps on a next release they can present their tracks even more brutal and in such a way that they rise to the shine they should get.


Line up:

Daemorph – Bass
Kist – Drums
Bonecrushing Apocalypse – Guitars
Panzer – Guitars
Morkbeast – Vocals


  1. Invincible Sun Devourer
  2. Caldarium of Boiling Blood
  4. Dismal Radiance of Doom