23 July 2024

25-01-2011 Good Charlotte

Supports: Framing Hanley; Venue: Garage, Saarbrücken (Germany)
By: Nina Mende

Tonight we went to the beautiful Saarbücken to see two great bands at Garage: Framing Hanley and Good Charlotte.

The show was sold out and many fans were waiting outside long before doors opened. Several people in the young audience wore Good Charlotte merchandise and were all excited for the bands to finally enter the stage.

First band up was Framing Hanley. Framing Hanley is a rock band from Nashville, Tennessee, USA formed in 2005. They released their first studio album in August 2007 entitled “The Moment”. They are best known for their song “Hear Me Now” and their cover of “Lollipop”, originally by Lil Wayne. The guys jumped around on stage and animated the audience to go along, scream and shout. Which they did. Energetic rock music brought to us by an just as energetic band made their show time of about 45 minutes fly by in no time. Framing Hanley talked quite a lot to the people and received great responses. Framing Hanley definitely warmed up the fans and prepared them for what was yet to come.

Now it was time for Good Charlotte. Good Charlotte is a Pop Punk band from Waldorf, Maryland that formed on April 1, 1996. They took their name from the children’s book Good Charlotte: The Girls of Good Day Orphanage written by Carol Beach York. They have just released their new album “Cardiology”(review). The audience welcomed the band with loud cheering and excitement. After the intro the guys jumped right on stage and rocked the house big time. They played all their hits like “Riot Girl”, “Lifestyles Of The Rich And The Famous”, “The River”, “Keep Your Hands Off My Girl”, “Dance Floor Anthem”, “The Anthem”, “The Chronicles Of Life And Death”, “Hold On”, “I Just Wanna Live”, “The Young And The Hopeless” as well as the first single of “Cardiology” called “Like It’s Her Birthday”, the new single “Last Night” and “Sex On The Radio” along with several other songs. Benji performed “Emotionless” all by himself on stage while the rest of the band took a break from the constant jumping around and running around on stage. Nobody was able to stand still with these guys rocking out on stage. It was an amazing and energetic performance. Good Charlotte talked a whole lot to the audience after each song. Tonight was simply wonderful and I can’t wait to see Good Charlotte again.

Good Charlotte are currently on world tour. Make sure to check their tour dates to catch them live. It is definitely worth seeing – even more than only once.

More photo’s of this event can be found at roseofthedevilsgarden.com

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