Monolord – Your Time to Shine

Releasedate: 29-10-2021
Label: Relapse Records

Swedish doom rockers MONOLORD are back with their latest release, Your Time To Shine. This is the band’s fifth full-length record and it was recorded by the band’s drummer Esben Willems.

“Your Time To Shine” delivers five tracks, each bringing the familiar Monolord sound with a fresh touch. There is a darker atmosphere overall with the familiar stoner/doom rock vibes. Somehow, the album feels more personal and intense. The riffs are in the highlight accompanied by the vocals, captivating the listener right away. Compared to the previous record, the melodies are more catchy and stay on the mind more. In this sense, the songs flow very easily!

Even though I enjoyed all of the songs in this album, The Siren of Yersinia as the last and longest song has become my highlight! It captures the true essence of the band and this record; the combination of space rock and stoner doom is just fantastic. In addition, the ever-changing pace and the dynamic atmosphere within the song just shows how versatile Monolord can be and how well they stand out in this genre. The guitar solo towards the end of the song will stay on your mind and lure you in! I also gotta mention I’ll Be Damned as my second favorite as I loved the sinister and doom-y atmosphere in the song, reflected through the vocals, making this one stand out a bit more as well!

What an amazing comeback from Monolord! “Your Time To Shine” will definitely fulfil the needs of the stoner doom/space rock fans out there! Get it, light the greenz, enjoy the ride and do not forget to catch the band live on their current tour!

Line up:
  • Thomas Jäger – vocals, guitar
  • Esben Willems – drums
  • Mika Häkki – drums
Monolord – Your Time to Shine

01. The Weary
02. To Each Their Own
03. I’ll Be Damned
04. Your Time To Shine
05. The Siren of Yersinia