5 June 2023

Doedsvangr – Serpents Ov Old

Releasedate:  29-10-2021  

Doedsvangr is a formation with members from Norway and Finland who make Black Metal. A first full length came out in 2017 and this year the band returns with a second release. It is called “Serpents Ov Old” and it is available now.

As the name may suspect the band is on the side of darkness and death. The band took this album as an opportunity to let out their deepest passions. Rage, combined with atmosphere and vocals that are a good part of the experience without taking all of the spotlights. Within the songs they vary with their tempo and this keeps it interesting.

Looking at a song like “As Their Rivers Bleed Their Blessings” you hear the perfect combination of vehemence, atmosphere and vocals. The song has a lot of power but also comes with a catchy part as well. It surely is the highlight of the album, even if it is only the second one on the tracklist. Does not mean that the tracks coming after it are significantly less, not at all. The album is well-balanced and keep you listening to the end.

They do make a bit of a shift halfway the release, going towards a more melodic path and where this album is full of variety the band has kept the album together quite well.

Altogether this Doedsvangr release is one that listens quite easily. You hear it all and play it another time for your pure enjoyment. Hopefully we get to see it live some when.


Line up:

Doedsadmiral – Vocals
Shatraug – Guitars & Bass
BST – Guitars & Bass
AntiChristian – Drums



1. Serpents Ov Old
2. As The Rivers Bleed Their Blessings
3. Flagelist
4. Imperialis
5. White Finger
6. Black Dragon Phoenix
7. Carrier Of Heads
8. The Salt Marsh
9. Poisonous Tides