24 June 2024

Lucifer – Lucifer IV

Releasedate:  29-10-2021
Label: Century Media

The occult rockers LUCIFER are back with their fourth album, Lucifer IV, out now via Century Media.

What a comeback! I gotta admit I was disappointed with the previous record but “Lucifer IV” blew me away at first listen. It is dynamic, doomier and marks Lucifer going back to their roots with a darker sound. The essence is still there, more fresh than ever, taking us back to that retro 60s sound. I actually wonder if the band took their time with this record or if the songs were written spontaneously… maybe a bit of both! Either way, “Lucifer IV” flows easily and each song delivers elements which will stay on your mind.

One highlight of “Lucifer IV” is definitely the arrangements throughout the record. That dark dance between Johanna’s vocals and the melodies is captivating. Some songs will make you wanna dance while the others willl evoke that darkness within! In this context, my favorites are “Wild Hearses”, “Bring Me His Head” and “Mausoleum”. However, each song comes with its twists and turns, which is clearer in the second half of the album.

“Lucifer IV” is definitely one of my highlights of this year and my favorite Lucifer record so far! Definitely recommended to the fans of that occult rock sound! Get it and devour the darkness!

Line up:
  • Johanna Sadonis – vocals
  • Nicke Andersson – guitars, drums
  • Martin Nordin – guitars
  • Linus Björklund – guitars
  • Harald Göthblad – bass

01. Archangel of Death
02. Wild Hearses
03. Crucifix (I Burn for You)
04. Bring Me His Head
05. Mausoleum
06. The Funeral Pyre
07. Cold as a Tombstone
08. Louise
09. Nightmare
10. Orion
11. Phobos