4 December 2022
City Weezle

City Weezle – No2

Releasedate:  2021

City Weezle is an international formation which contains an Irish, a Japanese, a German and a French musician. It took a while since the band’s debut in 2010, but right now they have a second full length album out. It is called “No2” and it is available now.

A strange, playful blend of prog and a variety of other elements coming to you. The comedian side seems to be telling you a story, where the modest support of the instrumentals adds a little drama to it. If you are looking to where City Weezle excels, you find yourself digging deeper into the details. The way they never go too bombastic, the subtle approach of a specific element, the guys have taken their time to come to this result and it shows.

Halfway the release you notice the band is switching a bit to more raw sound. Blues influences are obvious and overall they have taking a rougher path. Interesting to see their shift in it and looking what they tell about it themselves highlights their international background also. Speaking of a European part and an American part of the release they make it clear these differences were very intentional.

Altogether we can conclude that the band gives you an album you want to invest some time in. Listen with a bit more dedication to it and have some more rotations before you have your opinion on it. There is so much to hear on it, that you can spend a good amount of time with it. 

Line up:

Simon “The Vocal Viking” Fleury – Guitars,Vocals,Banjo,Arrangement and baby screams
Kengo “The Bass Samuri” Mochizuki – Bass Guitar
Axel “Wunderkind” Steinbiss – Keyboard
Ai “The Drum Ninja” Uchida – Drums

city weezle
  1. Captain Introspective
  2. The Underground In Europe
  3. Maestro Mafioso
  4. Crimson Jig
  5. She’s A Stomper
  6. Even Weezles Get The Blues
  7. Eskimo Pie
  8. Cluedo