A Pale Horse Named Death – Infernum In Terra

Releasedate: 24-09-2021
Label: Long Branch Records / SPV

Autumn is here and with the cold breeze and the dark weather comes A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH‘s newest release Infernum in Terra! This is the fourth full-length record of the American doom metal formation.

Consisting of 11 tracks, Infernum in Terra has the classic APHND sound with fantastic arrangements and production. Doom-y riffs, dark lyrics and a generally slow tempo will put you in the mood right away! This is not all about “doom metal” though as you will hear elements from stoner rock, dark rock and grunge as well.

When we consider this genre, the lyrics might not be the main focus but this is not the case with this album. The lyrics add a certain layer to the melodies so I especially recommend the listeners to keep their ‘ears’ open. You can tell the songs come from a darker place and the lyrics are highly personal, making you wonder about the depth and actual meaning.

One personal highlight in Infernum in Terra is ‘Lucifer’s Sun’. The main riffs are just so captivating and doom-y that the song stayed in my head right from the start, capturing APHND’s signature sound very well!

Infernum In Terra is the perfect album for the autumn season. The more you listen to it, the more it will grow on you! Highly recommended to the lovers of stoner/doom rock but also anyone who wants to dive into the doom and gloom.

Highlights: Lucifer’s Sun, Slave to the Master, Shards of Glass

Line up:
  • Sal Abruscato – vocals, guitar
  • Eddie Heedles – guitar
  • Joe Taylor – guitar
  • Chris Hamilton – drums
  • Oddie McLaughlin – bass

01. Infernum
02. Believe in Something (You Are Lost)
03. Cast Out From Sky
04. Shards of Glass
05. Lucifer’s Sun
06. It Is Done
07. Two Headed Snake (Propofol Dreams)
08. Slave to the Master
09. Devil’s Deed
10. Reflections of the Dead
11. Souls in the Abyss