4 December 2022

Unforged – Eye For An Eye

Releasedate:  01-10-2021
Label: Fastball Music 

Unforged is a German formation that started in 2018. They make groove metal and so far only a couple singles got out. Now it is time for a full length album, it is called “Eye for an Eye” and it is available soon.

This one is a tough one, not a fun message to share so perhaps we start with that. Playing this music I quite fast came to thought: ‘PLEASE DON’T’. Quickly into the first song this came up, the clean vocals at the spotlight of my annoyance. Unfortunately, you have to endure that some more throughout the release. A bit better are the raw vocals, which come a bit more balanced and have a lot of power behind them.

Better parts of their release can also be found when listening to the guitars, there is a suitable vehemence in there that makes that there is at least something positive to say about this release.
Songwriting on the release is mediocre but with some work the guys could grow a lot, so not that bad for a first release.

We better keep the article short, because there is no joy on our side to be negative about a release where people worked so hard on but we have to be honest about it, it simply is not one we will listen again. The Unforged guys know what way they want to go, that is obvious, but the execution just ain’t there yet.


Line up:
  • Nico Alva – Drums
  • Mika Alva – Guitars
  • Chrys – Vocals
  • Chris Antrop – Bass
  • Thommy – Guitars
  1. Serial Killer
  2. Eye for an Eye
  3. Antihero
  4. Prior
  5. Scream for Me
  6. Unforged
  7. Fight for Your Life
  8. I’m Away