23 January 2022

Teitan – Vákuum

Releasedate:  15-09-2021
Label: Void Wanderer Productions

Teitan is a Dutch Black Metal project by Devi Hisgen. Before there was only a demo in 2009 and eventually a debut album but anno 2021 there is an EP coming out. It is called “Vákuum”and it is available now.

The music you can expect from Teitan is somewhat raw Black Metal combined with some drone. It is an experimental playfield where there is space for playing with tempo’s, moments of silence and the some more of a raging side. Yet the subtlety of the melodies are what are captivating your attention most. In “I Become The Lunar Sky” for examply you start the song quite small, but it escalates into chaos soon. Layered vocals, for eerie effect, are leading the track. “Description of the Passing” is a bit more strange track, it is more atmospheric and closes the EP leaving you wonder what would be next. And so does each song have its own thing to it while it still ties together well.

Teitan is not giving you a stereotypical sound, not the Black Metal for the masses, but not into Gnaw Their Tongues direction either. Maybe a bit in the middle but certainly remarkable.
You could argue if the production could have been a bit thicker, but in a way it is done now it has its charm as well.

  1. The Grinding Teeth of the Wheel of Time
  2. Become the Lunar Sky
  3. Je vois la fin
  4. Metempsychosis
  5. Description of the Passing