4 December 2022
Khroma - Ex nihilo

Khroma – Ex Nihilo

Releasedate:  10-09-2021
Label:  Inverse Records

Electro Metal formation Khroma has their home base in Finland. After two albums and countless tours through Europe, for example with Jinjer, the guys return with a new release. It is called “Ex Nihilo” and it is available now.

Starting with the track “Slaves”, which they released as a single, the band quickly shows what to expect from this release. All you have heard before, being topped up with a more insinuating impact. The urge is deeper than ever and the words come in clearly.

Looking at the band’s earlier album they have brought a bit more diversity into it. For example “Tread Light” is more a track with a powerful feel for the way the message comes across, where in a track like “Trace Amounts” it is the strength of the song as a total that comes in, building in some calmer moments to switch with the energetic parts, an eclectic play field to experience.

One of the highlights of the album can be found in “Drop That Treble” which not only has the potential to be a live hit, it simply has all you want and therefore summarized the whole album. The builds of tension, the powerful rage coming together with a certain catchiness which makes that this song is the one that sticks in mind long after playing the album.

The album shows Khromaprogressing and growing, topping up the previous release and giving you exactly what you need while waiting for them be able to hit the roads again. Not every band can transform the live energy well into an album, but Khroma surely managed to do so. “Ex Nihilo” Is what you need right now!

Khroma - Ex Nihilo
  1. Slaves
  2. Dead Arrive (Run Tell Them)
  3. Tread Light
  4. Tidal
  5. Drop That Treble
  6. Kill The Friction
  7. Waste All Reason
  8. The Overthrow
  9. Trace Amounts