23 September 2021

Iron Maiden – Senjutsu

Releasedate:  03.09.2021
Label: Warner / Parlophone

Iron Maiden is one of those bands that don’t need an introduction. The iconic heavy metal band is back with a brand new album. “Senjutsu” is their seventeenth full length studio album. But that is not all Iron Maiden released in their almost fifty years of band history: there are also thirteen live albums, seven compilations and four EPs. Furthermore, the band has released a “Legacy Of The Beast” mobile game, amongst a few other things. 

 So, Iron Maiden is always busy creating and building their legacy. However, this is about their latest album “Senjutsu”. “Senjutsu” is Japanese for “tactics and strategy”. It has been six years since the last full-length album. So, this one is all the more exciting. Although the album only includes ten songs, the music lasts for well over eighty minutes. The album release is preceded by two single releases: “The Writing On The Wall” and “Stratego”.

The album “Senjutsu” is filled with incredible arrangements and music to get lost in. Each song is telling a story you should listen to closely. This album is exciting from first to last. The balance between fast and slower songs is perfect. So you will have enough time to catch your breath on your journey through “Senjutsu”. With each time listening through this album, you will find new things to discover. Therefore, the album never gets boring.

Let this album take you onto a ride. A mighty journey through a warrior’s life. Join Iron Maiden on “Senjutsu” and play the music loud and proud. “Senjutsu”, Iron Maiden’s brand new album, is out now!

Iron Maiden – Senjutsu

01. Senjutsu

02. Stratego

03. The Writing On The Wall 

04. Lost In A Lost World

05. Days Of Future Past

06. The Time Machine 

07. Darkest Hour

08. Death Of The Celts

09. The Parchment

10. Hell On Earth