23 September 2021

Little Jimi – The Cantos

Release date: 20-08-2021
Label: Mrs Red Sound

Little Jimi is a heavy psych and progressive space rock band, hailing from France. The new album “The Cantos” is the initiation story of Jimi, a strange kid whose schizophrenic personality is a doorway toward an in-depth introspective and fanciful musical universe.

“The Cantos” is all about that nice stoner/space rock with a bit of the doom and blues! Right from the start, we are lured into the melodies and we are introduced to different emotions and colors. The ever-changing and dynamic drums take us to different places within the story. This adds a nice progressive touch to the band’s sound even though there is a certain pattern revolving around the story of Jimi.

The instruments and melodies are in the spotlight, which shows the great potential of the band! Considering that the songs are also long, there is enough place to dream and be taken away. This is an album to get lost to, which is perfect for that road trip. The vocals are rather in the background, so it is up to the listener to interpret the songs however they like. A perfect example of this is the last song “Last Cantos XXIV”, which is also the slowest song of the album.

“The Cantos” is the perfect record to dream on hot summer days. If you like space/stoner rock, you will definitely love this record! Get it and take the ride!

Line up
  • Benjamin Monnereau – guitar, vocals
  • Guillaume Arancibia – guitar, backing vocals
  • Antoine Le Gall – drums

01. First Cantos
02. The Way
03. Palace Afternoon
04. Matchetehew
05. Indian Rain
06. Last Cantos XXIV