23 January 2022

Khandra – All Occupied By Sole Death

Releasedate:  28-05-2021
Label:  Season of Mist

Khandra is a band from Belarus. They make Black Metal and the band is releasing their debut album this year. It is called “All Occupied By Sole Death “ and it is available now.

The first impression of Khandra is that they do not really bring us something new. A bit generic, icey cold Black Metal release it is. But what does speak for this release is that it is executed quite well. Melancholy is making the atmosphere very pleasant to listen to where the balance in the instrumentation is good. So altogether the band has come with a good mix.

Album starter “Mute Moleben” a good one to start with, the band sets you up with an expectation, but in the songs that follow they lack a bit of variation, resulting in it being bit boring sometimes. We had hoped to see a bit more of Khandra in there. Something that defines their own identity and we have not really found that. This is the biggest trap of them, but as it is just their debut this something that could easily progress in future.

So the band has something to work on. Skills-wise I believe they have it but it looks like the band needs some more time to develop their own identity. It is not a bad album, but will certainly not reach the year list.

Line up:
  • Dmitry R – Gitaar
  • Uladzimir B – Vocals
  • Anton S – Basgitaar
  • Pavel V – Drums
  1. Mute Moleben
  2. Irrigating Lethal Acres with Blood
  3. Nothing but Immortality for Aye
  4. In Harvest Against the Sun
  5. With the Blessing of Starless Night
  6. Thanatos
  7. All Occupied by Sole Death