23 January 2022

Reject The Sickness – While Our World Dissolves

Releasedate:  28-05-2021
Label: WormHoleDeath

Reject The Sickness is a Belgian Melodic Death formation that has been active since 2007. Currently the band is releasing their third full length album called: “ While Our World Dissolves”.

The band leaves no time go to waste to introduce you to their aggressive style of Melodic Death. Here and there you see some Thrash shining through. An interesting mix that has enough of Reject The Sickness to give it a face of its own. Refreshing, too often we see something that sounds too much alike other bands so the fact that the band is stepping away from that far enough is surely a plus.

The catchiness in a song like “Burning Soil” is making us smile because it is countered with enough vehemence to find a good balance. With two good guitarists on board the band has a lot of riffs that draw your attention.

Lyrically the band draws their words straight from life. Childeren having to be the adult, childeren and the problems they may run across in their life while they shouldn’t. Themes like that are seen all around you, sometime closer than one may realize, so a good call for anyone to become aware of.


Reject The Sickness created an album that listens easily and yet addresses you to listen a little deeper. Instrumentally there is a lot to enjoy so you want to play it a couple of times and the words are surely giving an impact as well. One to invest in, hopefully they will cross our paths live as well.


Line up:
  • Jonas Messiaen – Bass
  • Zoran van Bellegem – Guitars (lead)
  • Ruben – Guitars (rhythm)
  • Guy – Vocals
  • Jannick Govaert – Drums
Reject The Sickness
  1. Disconnect
  2. Disapproval Of The Weak
  3. We All Burn
  4. Burning Soil
  5. The Plague Of Life
  6. The Furrow Of Our Soul
  7. Reveal The Darkness
  8. Reset
  9. Pillars Of Hope