23 January 2022

Jordfäst – Hädanefter

Releasedate:  07-05-2021
Label: Nordvis Produktion

Swedish Black Metal formation Jordfäst has been formed in 2017, but so far there had not been a release. This year there is some change to that and a debut album sees light. It is called “Hädanefter” and it is available now.

The album contains two long tracks, and when looking to the first track you’ll hear a bass being quite present. “Buren av loppor” has 18 minutes on the counter and is showing some variation in tempo, but a playful built into it. They reserved some place for each of the instruments to take a moment of shine, having next to bass we came to notice in the start also an interesting riff halfway the track and on other moments you feel more focused on the vocals. Skillfully they switch between that, it does not has anything abruptly coming it, so they built towards each moments. They have take their time to put attention to these details.

This you also hear back in the second track on the release. “Hädanförd” is in many ways a bit more dramatic, or hectic even. The tempo changes are occurring a bit more, making the track a bit more vehement. For almost 15 minutes you are taken through the variety that Jordfäst is offering. This track is a bit more diverse than the first one.

For a first release the band gave us a good impression of what they want to make. It looks like they have taken their time to think it through and put attention to details which shows off. A fine release, worth to look into.


Line up:

Elis – All instruments, Vocals (clean)
Olof – Vocals (lead)
Jens – Drums

Side A – Akt 1

  1. Buren av loppor

    Side B – Akt 2
  2. Hädanförd