23 January 2022

Debauchery / Balgeroth / Blood God – Monster Metal

Releasedate:  21-05-2021
Label:  Massacre Records

German formation Debauchery is a band that has people talking for many years. A steady flow of releases has come through the years and anno 2021 we received number seventeen. It is called “Monster Metal” and it is available now.

The band is again, not giving you short on material. The release exists out of three albums, where the first one is giving you ten tracks of Monster Metal. If you have not seen or heard of Debauchery yet you may be up for some steady ‘Death n roll’ as they describe it. And that says it quite right. It is music that you listen to with ease, not going to comprehensive but straightforward metal with a theme of blood. For fans that have been following the band longer there is not too much of a surprise, it fits in line with what the band has been releasing before.

The second cd is brought under the name of Balgeroth. 5 tracks this time and they have all German lyrics. It is a side project from Debauchery and as seen in previous releases, part of a split on this release. Although the songs are not bad, the English ones simply seem to have a bit more flow to them. But that is also a personal preference, we can see listeners appreciate this part more for the level of bluntness in it.

The final disc serves us Bloodgod, another side. A bit more Heavy Metal oriented perhaps. It is giving is an entertaining seven tracks worth Metal extra, making the full release one that you can spend quite some time with.


Debauchery is always been a band that really knows how to built a show. Live entertainment is their thing and the albums are teasing you to that. “Monster Metal” is not much different from that, it makes you long for that festival area, beer in your hand, but of sun on your head and a great show to watch. The ultimate teaser!

CD 1: DEBAUCHERY – Monster Metal
  1. Bloodking
  2. Skull Mountain
  3. Debauchery Warmachine
  4. Metal To The Bone
  5. Blood God Eternal
  6. Hate Kill Murder
  7. Monster Metal
  8. Debauchery Blood God
  9. The Godmachines March To War
  10. Warmachine Of The Chaos Gods
CD 2: BALGEROTH – Böse bis ins Blut
  1. Blutgott
  2. Die Belagerung von Knochenheim
  3. Böse bis ins Blut
  4. Hassen Töten Morden
  5. Drachenungeheuer
CD 3: BLOOD GOD – Metal To The Bone
  1. Monster Metal
  2. Debauchery Warmachine
  3. The Godmachines March To War
  4. Blood God Eternal
  5. Warmachine Of The Chaos Gods
  6. Debauchery Blood God
  7. Metal To The Bone