23 January 2022

Ossaert – Pelgrimsoord

Releasedate:  04-06-2021
Label: Argento Records

Ossaert is Dutch Black Metal project that founded in 2019. A year later a debut came out and now we are already having a follow up in our hands. It is called “Pelgrimsoord” and it is available now.

We had already some good Dutch Black Metal releases this year and with this one in our hands we were hoping to have one to join the new Dutch legacy of Black Metal. Four lengthy tracks are to be found on this release and they are blacker than black.

The album

An intro that sparks our interest, followed by a chaotic style of building a song is what we start with but it listens pleasantly unpleasant. Melancholy, drama and pure evil combined, “De Geest En De Vervoering” is showing a lot of variety. As a native Dutch speaker, the lyrics give me a bit of smile. They leave no spark of hope, pure dismalness portrayed in an aggressive way.

The second track, “De Val En De Beroering” is following up logically and takes it all a step further. When you reach further in this track you’ll hear some clean vocals coming in. This part is done so nicely, It fits and strengthens the atmosphere. Also a must to mention are the riffs you hear in this track. As if the devil himself is taking it over.

“De Nacht En De Verdwijning” is stepping sligtly away from the first two tracks. A bit more Death involved, also literally as the lyrics are telling ‘graaf je graf’ translating to ‘dig your grave’. The track fits nicely between the previous one and the closer, but is not the one jumping out most. That is reserved for the last track on the release “De Dag En De Verschijning”. And then specifically the way it builds. It feels like getting darker every minute, there are eleven and half of them, and when you reach the end of the track it comes to a wild highlight where you feel the whole release comes together.


Well done. Ossaert created a release that will bring him under the attention of a lot of Black Metal fans. We can safely say this one will be getting much more spins at our headquarters.


1. De Geest en de Vervoering
2. De Val en de Beroering
3. De Nacht en de Verdwijning
4. De Dag en de Verschijning