Adam Douglas – Better Angels

Releasedate: 02-04-2021
Label: Compro Records

Adam Douglas is an American singer/songwriter living in Norway. He has worked with larger names in music, Bon Jovi, Sting etc. Anno 2021 we have his third solo release in our hands. It is called “Better Angels” and it is available now.

“Better Angels” is an album that has a diversity of styles within them. Some blues, a bit of country, pop and a whole lot more. Album opener “Joyous We’ll Be” is a song that sticks in mind, but also has a recognizable sound in other ways. Feels like you heard it before. That makes the start a bit questionable. If this is going to be the album, it will surely find an audience, the quality is in it, but will perhaps not be an album that I keep playing.
Going through the tracklist there are a lot of songs that have this same feeling however when coming to “Change My Mind” it feels a bit more heartfelt. The diverse colaborations with musicians are making the album just a bit more interesting.

If you are into Pop music, singer songwriter approach this album might be all you looking, but for us it lacks a bit of fierceness. There is not something on this album that make me remind the name Adam Douglas after listening to this album. For the right audience it will work, but not for us.



Line up:
  • Adam Douglas – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, main vocals, backing vocals
  • Ruben Dalen – drums and percussion
  • Martin Windstad – percussion
  • Marius Reksjø – bass
  • Thor-Erik Fjellvang – piano, organ, clavinet, synth nad marxophone
  • Iver Olav Erstad – Hammond B3 organ
  • Kaja Fjellberg Pettersen – cello
  • Line Sørensen Voldsdal – viola and violin
  • Tracee Meyn – backing vocals
  • Børge-Are Halvorsen – baritone and tenor saxophone
  • Even Kruse Skatrud – trombone
  • Jens Petter Antonsen – trumpet
Adam Douglas
  1. Joyous We’ll Be
  2. Into My Life
  3. Build A Fire
  4. So Naive
  5. Change My Mind
  6. Where I Wanna Be
  7. Blue White Lie
  8. A Whistle To Blow
  9. Both Ways
  10. Just A Friend
  11. Lucky Charm
  12. Dying Breed