Broilers – Puro Amor

Releasedate: 23.04.2021
 Label: Skull & Palms Recordings

Broilers is a German punk band that was founded in 1992. Sometimes Broilers also use Ska elements in their music. The band is known for their energetic punk music and their straight forward lyrics, not to forget their impressive live shows. This is their brand new and eight full length studio album. It goes by the name of “Puro Amor”. 

“Puro Amor” comes with fourteen songs and lasts for forty-seven minutes. Already the first song is kicking your ass, not even a second after pressing play. Even though all lyrics are in German, you will feel what singer Samy has to say in how he sings it. Therefore, it doesn’t matter wether you understand each word or not, the music alone is telling tales already. Speaking of the music: The rhythms are fast and thriving, causing the adrenaline level to rise. You will catch yourself going along almost instantly. Each song is telling its own story. And you better listen to it closely. Along with catchy rhythms you will have no choice, though. With every passing minute, you sink in deeper and deeper into the music the Broilers created for you. The rhythms get your muscles twitching until you ultimately are dancing along to the music. Tough lyrics that get you thinking, combined with music that bring you joy and energize you. What more can you ask for?

Broilers are back with a brand new album. “Puro Amor” lasts for forty-seven minutes and brings you energy and joy. The music is catchy and thriving. So all you punk and ska fans out there, check out this brand new release by the German Broilers. “Puro Amor” is out now. Check it out and enjoy!

Broilers - Puro Amor
Broilers – Puro Amor
Track list:

01. Nicht alles endet irgendwann

02. Nach Hause kommen / Zurück zu mir

03. Gib das Schiff nicht auf!

04. Porca Miseria

05. Alter Geist

06. Trink mich doch schön

07. Schwer verliebter Hooligan

08. Diktatur der Lerchen

09. Da bricht das Herz

10. Dachbodenepisoden

11. Alles wird wieder OK!

12. Niemand wird zurückgelassen

13. Alice und Sarah

14. An allen anderen Tagen nicht (Lebe, Du stirbst!)