Drive-by Truckers – The New Ok

Label: ATO Records
Releasedate: 18-12-2020

While corona is a terrible time for most, some people bend it towards a more positive. Drive-By Truckers felt inspired to make this new album called “The New Ok” which released at the end of 2020.

On the album you get the sound you have heard from the band before. A Southern Rock touch mixed with some heavier rock. Also, the album contains material that did not make it to the previous release so it is not strange that this release is a good follow up to that. The band also presents us with a bunch of new songs and closes with “The KKK Took My Baby Away”, a classic many will recognize. That protest feel, the punk, is quite a theme in this release. You hear the band has taken their influences from all that has happened around them as well as the cover of the album making some clear references to that.

Songs like “Sarah’s Flame” or “The Distance” are speaking to us most, but a good runner up is “Watching The Orange Clouds” for the great riffs in there.

Altogether this thirteenth album is not the biggest surprise for the fans of Drive-by Truckers. They have made a solid album and it lays in line with the previous one. A safe buy we would say.

Line up:

  • Patterson Hood – guitar, vocals
  • Mike Cooley – guitar, vocals, harmonica
  • Brad Morgan – drums
  • Jay Gonzalez – keyboards, guitar, backing vocals
  • Matt Patton – bass, vocals, backing vocals

01. The New OK
02. Tough To Let Go
03. The Unraveling
04. The Perilous Night
05. Sarah’s Flame
06. Sea Island Lonely
07. The Distance
08. Watching the Orange Clouds
09. The KKK Took My Baby Away