Aethyrick – Apotheosis

Label: The Sinister Flame
Releasedate: 22 January 2021

Aethyrick is a Finnish Black Metal formation who released their debut ‘Praxis’ in 2018 and last year ‘Gnosis’ saw light. This year they return with a new release called “Apotheosis” which will be available from 22 January.

“Apotheosis” has an atmospheric touch to it. It’s “Rosary of Midnights” is where you feel embraced by the sound the band brings. The first track is warming you up for it, but all that comes after it is strengthening it. The vocals are icy, sometimes a bit too much cliché and that is where the trap for this band is. They are doing their songwriting on a good level, but a slight bit more of themselves in it would elevate it. Here is some space for improvement.

Then, a track called “Blood Wisdom” jumps out to us. It’s heavy, a slight Satyricon feel but then moving on towards the sound we got to know them from before. It’s slow tempo is a bit teasing, but leads to a point where you can give the individual instruments a better listen, each having to offer some quality of their own.

Album closer “Path of Ordeal” is in many ways the climax of the release, where the band goes in on a more vehement approach. It’s a bit of a roller coaster track that ends quite serene. A nice way to let you get away.

Aethyrick has brought us a fine release. They are growing with their music, especially if you heard their earlier releases, you can see that they have gone forward. It set us up with good hopes for what we can expect next. Hopefully they remain with own identity and strengthen that element.

Line up:

  • Gall
  • Exile


  1. The Starlit Altar
  2. Rosary of Midnights
  3. Flesh Once Divided
  4. In Blood Wisdom
  5. With Determined Steps
  6. Path of Ordeal