The Bills

The Bills – Til The Blues Have Gone

Label:Wheeling Records
Releasedate: 15-01-2021

The Bills are a duo that are both named Bill. Both have been living in Norway for some years and now for the first time they chose to release some music together. The album is called “Til The Blues Have Gone” and it is available now.

The album is quite the album you expect when you hear blues. It ticks the boxes and perhaps a little more. Here and there some violin makes the sound of the gentlemen a bit more dramatic, but in general the feel of it is quite open. Having a wilde variety of themes The Bills are not letting their minds be a stranger and invite you into their reign of thoughts. A song like “Good Lord Done Gone” is a good example of that. The album closes with “Didn’t Know What I Had” which is maybe a bit cliché as a track but not a bad one to close the album with.

Altogether this release of The Bills is one that listens easily. It is not the album you have not heard before, but brings you into the mood. The addition of the violin is what gives the release a face of its own and makes that you remember it. Quite nice we would say.

Line up:

  • Bill Booth – Vocals, guitar, violin
  • Bill Troiani – Vocals, bass
  • Alexander Pettersen – drums
The Bills

01. Til The Blues Have Gone
02. Last Chance To Hurt Me
03. Good Lord Done Gone
04. Slipping Through The Cracks
05. Keeping The Blues Alive
06. Asking For More
07. Already Gone
08. Driving Rain
09. Still Might Be Around
10. Road Is Long
11. Sun Was Going Down
12. Grinnin In Your Face
13. Didn’t Know What I Had