Miss Lava – Doom Machine

Label: Small Stone Records
Releasedate: 15.01.2021

The Portuguese quartet Miss Lava was founded in 1995. The legacy of the band featured three studio albums, and the fourth came up in this unstable time. Doom Machine was released at 15th of January via Small Stone Records.

The album contains twelve songs and three as bonuses. The one third of all the material may be interesting. In my humble opinion, almost classy bonus Red Atlantis could have been featured in the main list. The track is the most lightening as possible for this genre and whispering love literally.

“The Great Divide” (that has its own atmospheric video with great landscape) sounds like basic rock track for a long journey. Starting with doom engine, the song is nothing but the pendulum. The catching detail, the lyrics circled around life. “The Fall” is more interesting, the fluid melody with some nails scratching the glass – as good stoner rock track would be. “The Oracle” has potential but riffadelic vibes are not as obvious. The last mentioned track is “Fourth Dimension“, the starter actually, includes the solid jamming in the middle of song and impressive “until the end” final chords.

I understand all the personal grief and joy in this album but point only music not emotions. I really missed turbulence what stoner music brought usually.

Line up:

Johnny Lee – vocals
J. Garcia – drums
K. Raffah – guitars
Ricardo Ferreira – bass and vocals

01. Fourth Dimension
02. In The Mire
03. Magma
04. Brotherhood Of Eternal Love
05. Sleepy Warm
06. The Great Divide
07. Karma
08. The Fall
09. Alpha
10. The Oracle
11. Terra
12. Doom Machine

Bonus tracks
13. God Feeds The Swine
14. Feel Surreal
15. Red Atlantis