Sergeant Steel – Truck Tales

Releasedate: 22-01-2021

Sergeant Steel is an Austrian Hard Rock band and was founded in 2007. The group has released the three albums before and starts 2021 with a brand new album. It is called “Truck Tales” and will be available from 22 January.

The previous release dates back 5 years, but it was the one that got them introduced to a larger audience and got the ball rolling. They took their time to come up with a new one, but now it is here you can hear why. They took their time to get all the details right, have a good production which balances the elements right. No solo gets ever too much shine, they shine for what they are and not for show it is performed. A moderation that suits them well and speaks class.

As the title may suspect the music is perfect for your roadtrips. No summertrips to large festivals just yet, but perhaps towards the end of the year that is a thing. The nostalgic feeling of being on the road with some feel good music like this on the play is bringing a smile on our faces nevertheless.

With music like this it is hard to come with something unique, that you haven’t encountered before. Therefore the quality is even more key, you won’t keep following something that may or may not transfer into something over time if there is plenty similar music out there. Well, Sergeant Steel won”t have to worry about that. The band shows themselves of good quality on “Truck Tales” and we can say it is worth to give it your time.

Line up:

Phil Vanderkill – Lead vocals
Jack Power – Guitars, vocals
Chuck Boom – Guitars, vocals
Ben Bateman – Keyboards
Ronny Roxx – Bass
Cøsy Cøxx – Drums

Sergeant Steel


  1. Fight Fire With Fire
  2. Backseat Lover
  3. Dance Into The Light
  4. Brotherhood
  5. Voodoo Queen
  6. Body Language
  7. Pain In My Ass
  8. Hunter
  9. The Time Will Come
  10. Nightmare