31 March 2023

Sun King Rising – Delta Tales

Label: Peacock Sunrise Records
Release date: October 2020

Under the name of Sun King Rising there has not been a previous album, but the man behind it, John Blangero, is a musician with experience. “Delta Tales” is a Southern Rock/ Americana release and is available now.

A short intro leads us to a an album that listens easily. The voice of John is one that has a warm feel to it and therefore you can listen to it with an ease that takes you through all songs on this release.

Getting down to the track “In A State of Grace” you get to hear one of the other highlights in the music, the piano that John also plays. It’s clear match with the weight of the words are leverage to the atmosphere and give the album something extra.

Fans of classic rock will surely enjoy this album as well, the man himself mentioned for example Joe Cocker as an influence and this makes sense if you hear the album. A ballad like “Down The Delta Road” shows a different side of Sun King Rising, yet it blends well in the tracklist.

The man has been away from music for quite some years, but when you return like this you could say it was worth to wait for. “Delta Tales” is a fine release that has a variety of influences and therefor shifts from the cliché sound that one could expect but not stray too much from expectations. A nice release.

Sun King Rising


01. The Snake
02. Milkweed and Thistle
03. Down the Delta Road
04. In a State of Grace
05. Take It Down
06. Beneath the Southern Sun
07. Evangeline in the Morning
08. Love Turns Grey
09. drive Me to Nashville
10. Let There Be Light