24 June 2024

Paper Aeroplanes – The Day We Ran Into the Sea

Releasedate: 29-11-2010; Label: 7 Star Music (Sony Music)
By: Nina Mende

Paper Aeroplanes is an alternative pop band from West Wales formed around 2009, although both members have played together since 2003. Just now they have released their debut album called “The Day We Ran Into the Sea”. Paper Aeroplanes is a duo. Sarah Howells and Richard Llewellyn are the two heads behind.

“The Day We Ran Into The Sea” includes thirteen tracks. Female vocals and country melodies make the music very catchy and floating, almost dreamy as well. Somehow Paper Aeroplanes sound a lot like nature itself, not because they have jungle sounds or whatever – they have not! – but simply because of how light the music feels and the pictures the songs cause in your head. Maybe the booklet also plays its part in the nature image. The booklet to this album is more of a picture book with several interesting pictures of people and places. The sound of the music is awesomely clear. Somehow it reminds a little bit of Alanis Morissette. The pure acoustic sound and the beautiful female vocals on all songs are creating their own little world. The lyrics are deep and somehow romantic, thoughtful and artistic. Paper Aeroplanes is an awesome band that created a brilliant album that is so much more than just a music album. It is art. “The Day We Ran Into The Sea” contains a lot more than it reveals at the first sight. Brilliant!

01. Cliché
02. Freewheel
03. Lifelight
04. Pick Me
05. Lost
06. Skies On Fire
07. Dancing Every Night
08. Take It Easy
09. Not As Old
10. Newport Beach
11. My First Love
12. Dry My Eyes
13. Make A Wish

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