26 November 2022

We Came As Romans – To Plant A Seed

Releasedate: 24-09-2010; Label: Redfield Records
By: Sabine van Gameren

We Came As Romans is an American Post Hardcore band. Their debut “To Plant A Seed” is now out in Europe.

The band immediately gets my interest as their album comes with stunning artwork. It does not refers straight to a Post Hardcore band, but these drawings got my attention straight away. Musically, these Americans remind of The Chariot and so it is no surprise to find out they toured with them. First thing that steps up above what the usual core band brings are the riffs. More elaborated and mixed with other arrangements to make them come out even stronger. A wise move they made with that, slightly stepping away from the stereotype. Also, the band seem to focus on positivity. Not the complaining or the whining anymore, let’s go on the tour of love, nature and happiness. That does not mean there are only clean vocals, there are some serious screams in here also, doing justice to the harder side of the band. A little remark on this all might be that the production is very debatable. Some elements get hidden in the background, while others are too domination. It might be a matter of taste, but it would be a waste to bring the beauty of the guitars away to keep the vocals in the front row. A different balance would have brought all elements more to the top. Furthermore “To Plant A Seed” is giving a good impression of what the band is about. Some oddities here and there, playfulness and not afraid to be different. A band with balls.

Line Up:
David Stephens – screaming vocals
Kyle Pavone – clean vocals, keyboard, synthesizer, piano, programming
Andrew Glass – bass, backing vocals
Joshua Moore – lead guitar
Brian “Lou” Cotton – rhythm guitar
Eric Choi – drums, percussion

01. To Plant A Seed
02. Broken Statues
03. Intentions (ft. Tyler “Telle” Smith of The Word Alive)
04. Roads That Don’t End And Views That Never Cease
05. Dreams
06. We Are The Reasons
07. Beliefs
08. I Will Not Reap Destruction
09. Searching, Seeking, Reaching, Always
10. An Ever-Growing Wonder

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