11 December 2023

Big Boy – Hail The Big Boy

Release date: 06-07-2007, Label: Mate in Germany
By: Nina Mende

There is no real “about big boy”, and it’s not necessary to know either.
The music is hard to put in a single genre. You simply have to listen to it yourself and get your own opinion about the guy, the band and the music. But I give you my impression of the cd.
Hail the Big Boy is THE debut album of the year in my opinion, we had to wait for it for far too long! Finally, we can listen to it at home and not just on the myspace page.
The intro is in my oh-so-beloved and most favorite language French (SARCASM!), but when Big Boy is speaking that language I actually listen to it, and I like it. After this war-like intro “Hail The Big Boy” is rocking your ears, followed by “Get over it” and “One good reason”. Then, “Let The Dead Bury Their Own Dead” is coming up, which my personal long time favorite with some lovely piano playing along the whispering voice of Big Boy.
The album goes on with the great songs “Gestasi Baby”, “Catastrophe”, “Fake it”, “Sin-Sational”, “Just Like We (choose to be)” and ends with another great ballad which definitely makes your heart listen: “Give Up”. So my advice: Get this album!!! I am sure you will love it!

01. La Légíon
02. Hail The Big Boy
03. Get Over It
04. One Good Reason
05. Let The Dead Bury Their Own Dead
06. Gestasi Baby
07. Catastrophe
08. Fake It
09. Sin-Sational
10. Just Like We (Choose To Be)
11. Give Up

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Big Boy Myspace