11 December 2023

Tiger Army – Music From the Regions Beyond

Release date: 04-07-2007, Label: Hellcat records
By: Nina Mende

The Ghost Tiger has risen again.
And this new masterpiece by the Californian band Tiger Army got the thoughtful name “Music from the Regions beyond”…

It is their 5th studio album and the line-up around Nick13 (vocals) changed or got shot (no joke!!!!) a couple times, but their typical psychobilly style stayed the same during all these times since 1996. They have also been part of the VANS Warped Tour a couple times, which is one of the biggest happenings in the USA (the Warped Tour is basically like Rock am Ring or Rock im Park on tour).

As I got the album, I put it into my cd player right away… but I kept on running through the house to finish stuff… running on by my cd player I all the sudden heard a somewhat familiar voice that didn’t belong to Nick, but I was already in a different room as I realized who it was: Davey Havok (vocalist of AFI). Jjumping back to the album cover to check if I’m hallucinating, no, I was right…. Davey is singing along on “Afterworld” (he also does on “Forever Fades Away”, “Hotprowl” and “Spring Forward”.) later I thought I was hearing Nick singing Spanish (“Hechizo de Amor”).
Anyways, the next day I finally got to really listen to the album, What a great collection of songs! Somehow much warmer and filled with some more (loving) emotions than the last one.

They have a nice mixture of slow and fast songs on this album (which is actually quite common for Tiger Army) but this time it is more like a fast song is followed by a slower song, which is followed by a faster song… That makes the album more interesting and not boring in the end where all the slow songs usually are placed at. The Spanish song shows a complete different side of Nick’s voice. There’s also a Spanish guitar playing. Really nice and one of my favorite ones on the new album…

This album is so full of hope and inspiration, and I deeply recommend this album to all of you!!!

Line Up:
Nick 13 – Vocals/Guitar
Geoff Kresge – Stand-up bass
James Meza – Drums

  01. Prelude: Signal Return
  02. Hotprowl
  03. Afterworld
  04. Forever Fades Away
  05. Ghosts of Memory
  06. LunaTone
  07. Pain
  08. As the Cold Rain Falls
  09. Hechizo de Amor
  10. Spring Forward
  11. Where the Moss Slowly Grows

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