23 September 2023

Glyder – Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Releasedate: 23-04-2010; Label: SPV/Steamhammer
By: Sabine van Gameren

Glyder is an Irish Classic Rock band that started in 2004. The band has shared stages with a whole lot of big names since that and now they release their third album called: “Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow” via SPV/ Steamhammer.

Glyder hits you mostly on the melodic side, though the vocals are quite upfront in the music. If you close that of and focus on the guitars you find many interesting riffs, not the most original perhaps, but just pleasant enough to observe. The band gives the impression of being more a live band rather than a band you keep on listening on cd. The sound is a bit distant somehow and it gives the feeling that this is more something you have to see as well to get the major thrill. Nevertheless the music is calm and melodic, perfectly suitable for a summer night, a road trip or a background sound while working. If you hoped for that powerful spark, the band is not giving you that with this album. It ain’t new or refreshing, but is nevertheless an album that you listen anyway. Just try to remember the name, you must remember it when making decisions on what you want to go see on a festival.

Line Up:
Tony Cullen – Vocals and Bass
Bat Kinane- Guitars and Backing Vocals
Pete Fisher – Guitars
Davy Ryan – Drums

01. That Line
02. Knockout
03. Jack Strong
04. Innocent Eyes
05. Make A Change
06. Back To The Water
07. The Bitter End
08. One Of Us
09. Always The Loser
10. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Bonus Tracks:
11. Time To Fly
12. All You`ve Done
13. Elverstown (instrumental)

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