Gentle Knife – Clock Unwound – Gentle Knife II

[schema type=”review” name=”Gentle Knife – Clock Unwound – Gentle Knife II” author=”Sabine van Gameren” pubdate=”2017-10-08″ ]
Gentle Knife is a Norwegian formation that makes Progressive music. The band has eleven members and they released their full length “Clock Unwound” last month.

What you can be sure of, with eleven members in a band, is that the sound is going to be varied. So much instruments, so many opinions and so many options. From dark atmospheres to the lighter parts, intensity levels that have a wide range and a diversity of songs. It guarantees that you will be listening from beginning to end. The album knows also diverse influences which makes the blend vivid, at some point you can feel close to a jazzy touch, where later on you will be listening to heavier Rock parts.

If you look at the overall feel of the album you could say it is a bit gloomy, the darkness is not to be missed and yet the whole does not come too eerie. The album is one you will need to spin mulyiple times, there is so much to hear that you keep hearing more in it every spin. So it takes some time to invest to get the most out of it and that is the strength of this band. They have created a listening experience that lasts and invites to dig deeper into it. This “Clock Unwound” is worth the time and effort. A journey in their music is captivating you for quite a bit!

Line up:
Astraea Antal – flutes, woodwinds
Pål Bjørseth – keyboards, vocals, trumpets, viola
Odd Grønvold – basses
Thomas Hylland Eriksen – sax and woodwinds
Veronika Hørven Jensen – vocals
Håkon Kavli – vocals, guitars
Eivind Lorentzen – guitars and synths
Charlotte Valstad Nielsen – sax
Ove Christian Owe – guitars
Ole Martin Svendsen – drums, percussion
Brian M. Talgo – samples, words, vocals, visions and artwork

01 Prelude
02 Clock Unwound
03 Fade Away
04 Smother
05 Plans Askew
06 Resignation