25 May 2024

Beyond The Dream – While The World Sleeps

Releasedate: 27-01-2010;
By: Sabine van Gameren

The Finnish Gothic Metal band Beyond The Dream released their second full length album “While The World Sleeps”.

It is only a year ago that I received the previous album of this band. In the review I hoped the band would get an own face, and with this new album it must be said that they made that happen. The band has a broad collection of riffs backed up with dazzling keyboard lines and the lyrics fit the atmosphere created by the instruments. The albums comes with a booklet that is a piece of art itself. Each song gets visualized by stunning drawings, making the story clear with one look. It fascinated me for quite some minutes. The album self starts their way to the top after the first song, The first song might appear a bit messy but sets you up for what is coming. Second song and one carry dark lyrics with catchy refrains and sharp edges when needed. The band sorted out exactly what is the best way to implement the instruments and how the melodic parts give strength to the darkness. Vocals, by Harry Kauppinen, reminded me in combination with the keyboards to what the band The Cyan Velvet Project have been doing, though Beyond The Dream is more metal than The Cyan Velvet Project has ever been.
Halfway the album I am wondering why there was not a label that have picked the band up, because this is what would be a typical breakthrough album.

The band made a huge step forward and this album is one that would make me go to a gig if they would be close. A tip for the fans of Gothic Metal: Buy it.

Line Up:
Harri Kauppinen – Vocals
Ville Silvast – Drums
Otto Närhi – Keyboard
Teemu Liekkala – Guitar
Petteri Kattainen – Bass

1. A Foreplay For The Wolves
2. Your Spit As A Flower On The Tomb In Me
3. You Are The Water
4. Rotting Lovers, Withering Flowers
5. Am I Awake?
6. Red Rivers
7. Don’t Fear The Sin
8. The Hands On The Hearts

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