Bad Bones - Demolition Derby

Bad Bones – Demolition Derby

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Bad Bones is an Italian rock band that was founded in 2007. Bad Bones find great inspiration in classic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal bands. An influence you can hear. The band’s style clearly evokes the times when Rock and Metal dominated the music scene, with a hard, spontaneous and full of energy style. This is their brand new album which goes by the name of “Demolition Derby”.

“Demolition Derby” comes with eleven songs. The title sounds rougher than the album actually does. Smooth melodies come at you after pressing play. And they stay smooth throughout the entire album. The music is thriving and catchy. The music easily fades in with the background while listening. The songs vary in speed and some even in style. From fast and catchy to slow and melancholic, the songs cover every mood. Some songs even have such a catchy rhythm that you consider them pop. The guitar riffs on some songs are outstanding. The vocals are strong and support the messages of each song.

Bad Bones have a brand new album out. “Demolition Derby” is the name of this brand new piece of music. Make sure to check it out. You will enjoy it.

“Bad Tracklist:
01. Me Against Myself
02. Endless Road
03. Some Kind Of Blues
04. Stronger
05. Rambling Heart
06. Rusty Broken Song
07. Red Sun
08. Perfect Alibi
09. Shoot You Down
10. The Race
11. Demolition Derby