13-11-2007 The Birthday massacre

Support: Pyscho Luna; Venue: Nachtleben, Frankfurt(Germany)
By: Nina Mende

  By now it somehow became an annual ritual that The Birthday Massacre are playing
  in the Nachtleben in Frankfurt/Germany. This year’s support band was Psycho
  Luna from Germany.

  Psycho Luna is a romantic-melancholic mixture of bombastic guitars and subtile
  synthesizer and moving beats. In respect to their music, Psycho Luna want to
  create a dense atmosphere, pushing the listener into a state of emotionality.
  They guys (and girl) of Psycho Luna still seem quite young but yet quite professional.
  They sing in German and some songs sound a little bit medieval, but all in all
  they play rock. The club was quite crowded and the audience mostly enjoyed the
  performance of Psycho Luna.

  The songs they played were:
  Nur getan
  Feenpfad II

  Up next were The Birthday Massacre from Toronto, Canada. Combining their interests
  in various musical and artistic styles, the band has successfully accumulated
  an impressive international fan base, press accolades, and defied categorization
  with their unique sound and visuals. The band was formed in 2000 and independently
  produced and recorded their first two albums, “Nothing and Nowhere”
  and “Violet”, and just recently released their new album “Walking
  with Strangers”.
  The band’s lineup consists of vocalist Chibi, guitarists Rainbow and Mike Falcore,  keyboardist Owen, drummer Rhim and the recently returned�
  O.E. on bass. They don’t just play gorgeous music, they also have a great
  style. And lots of fun on stage they share with their fans. Seeing TBM live
  makes you happy and smile all the time. You can really feel that they love performing.
  Chibi (vocals) was playing with the audience during the whole performance and
  they played songs from every album. The audience was singing along, dancing,
  clapping and just interacting wherever and whenever they could, which was all
  the time. It is always great to see TBM on stage with all their energy and power
  they share. I am looking forward to the summer tour, maybe in a bigger venue
  this time?

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