Crazy Lixx – Loud Minority

Release date: 15-11-2007, Label: Swedmetal Records
By: Nina Mende

Crazy Lixx is a Sleaze-Rock band from Malmö/Sweden and have been around
since late 2002.
Long before Crazy Lixx was founded, Vic (guitar) and Joey (drums) played together,
starting in 1996. Joey has played in 30 bands prior to Crazy Lixx (some of them
with record deals). Before joining Crazy Lixx, Luke (bass) hadn’t been on stage
for more than seven years. D.C. Danny (vocals) started out as the rhythm guitarist
in Crazy Lixx and not as the lead singer. Crazy Lixx have done a total of 88
gigs so far. Their first single “Heroes Are Forever” is also the oldest
song they have and they still play it live. On November 15th, 2007 they released
their debut album “Loud Minority”.

They intended to sound like 80s and early 90s metal, and they definitely do.
Their album reminds the listener of a lot of bands like Whitesnake, Deep Purple
and so on. But they also have the typical sound of Swedish sleaze rock like
Hardcore Superstar or Babylon Bombs. The songs are quite easy to sing along
and are great music for a (rock) bar. I really like the chorus on “Want
It”. “Make Ends Meet” is nice and slow in the beginning with
nice lyrics which are quite sad. The album sounds like a revival of 80s metal
and while listening to it you think of one of the legendary bands from that
time playing in a stadium. The beginning of “Heroes Are Forever” reminds
a little bit of Queen. “Boneyard” is a great rocking song and “The
Gamble” is a nice closing ballad for the album with nice lyrics.
This album is a must for everybody who misses 80s and 90s metal.

01. Hell Or High Water
02. Dr. Hollywood
03. Want It
04. Love On The Run
05. Make Ends Meet
06. Death Row
07. Heroes Are Forever
08. Do Or Die
09. Pure Desire
10. Boneyard
11. The Gamble


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