All Ends – All Ends

Release date: 07-11-2007; Label: Gunrecords/Sony BMG
By: Sabine van Gameren

  All Ends is one of the bands I ran into at the Växjö metal festival
  in Sweden. For me, it was not the first time and probably also not the last
  time as you can read in the review of the festival. This time I got their debut
  album “All Ends” to write about.

  The Swedish rockers started in the year 2003 in the city Göteborg. Gothic
  metal with two female vocalists, but as stated on their own website: “Doesn’t
  sound like Nightwish or Within Temptation or Evanescence…on the contrary,
  it sounds like nothing other than ALL ENDS!”

  All Ends is typical catchy music which is not only made for a metal audience.
  This is proved by the fact that their single “Wasting Life” hits the
  Swedish single charts for a few weeks already.

  On the album you hear the melodic sound of the band coming in from the first
  song till the end. Their lyrics are like they are taken out of any random life.
  It makes it easy for people to identify themselves with the lyrics and the music.
  It only needs a few times listening and then you know them by heart.

  The album has 12 songs, most of them last around three minutes. With 4:05 minutes
  there is an exception for the song “Wasting Life”. It does not take
  long for All Ends to bring their statements to you. As personal favorites I
  can bring “Close my Eyes”, “Walk Away” (see their MySpace)
  and “Still Believe” up. All of them have a catchy rhythm and that
  make me like this genre

  In total the album brings 38 minutes of powerful melodic gothic metal, which
  is definitely worth to add in your cd collection.

Line up:
  Emma – Vocals
  Tinna – Vocals
  Joey – Drums
  Frederik – Guitars
  Tex – Guitars

    01. Still Believe
  02. Walk Away
  03. Wasting Life
  04. First Time
  05. Regrets
  06. I’m Sorry
  07. Pretty Words
  08. Spend my Days
  09. Just a Friend
  10. Close my Eyes
  11. We Are Through
  12. Ready to go Back


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