Hellcity 13 – Hellcity 13

Release date: 24-10-2007 Label: Bale
By: Sabine van Gameren

  Hellcity 13 is a band from Helsinki, Finland who just released their debut
  album “Hellcity 13”. Their music is gothic/glam rock with a little
  disco feeling in it. The album has some dark lyrics, but at the same time you
  keep on swinging. Vocals are done by Mika and Susannah. In this genre it is
  a refreshment to hear a female vocalist implementing her voice into the music
  the way Susannah does. It gives the band a unique sound.

  On the fifth song of the album “Masquerade” Mika sings “Just
  take my hand and dance with me”. This feeling is what comes with this album.

  As my favourite songs I can mention “In Your Eyes” and “Is
  Anybody Out There” which both start with some keys.
  Recently they recorded a video of the first song “In Love With Love” on the album.
  (which you can see here)
  This is a perfect opener for the album, since it brings you immediatly in the  right mood for listening to the rest.

  Overall some songs are quite catchy but not in a way that they would be typical
  one hit wonders. I am wondering how this band will do live. The cd is still
  in my cd player and probably won’t disappear in my archive very soon since
  I enjoy listening it some more.

Line up:
  Mika – vocals
  Susannah – vocals
  LL Stud – guitars
  Tommi Mikael – guitars
  Mr. Kess – keyboards
  JJ Hjelt – bass
  Pitkä – drums

      1 In Love With Love
  2 American Psycho
  3 One By One
  4 Shortcut To Hell
  5 Masquerade
  6 Dead End
  7 In Your Eyes
  8 Is Anybody Out There
  9 Yesterday’s News
  10 My World Has Stopped  

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