Seether – Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces

Release date: 23-10-2007 Label: Windup/Sony BMG
By: Sabine van Gameren

  To be honest, I don’t know many rock bands from South Africa other then
  Seether. Seether made its breakthrough in Europe and America with the ballad
  song “Broken” featured by Amy Lee,singer of the popular gothic rock
  band Evenescence. But when I heard their first cd, I was already sold. After
  a long period of silence, Seether is back with its fifth album “Finding
  Beauty in Negative Spaces”.

  The first album “Disclaimer” was released in 2002 and gave is raw
  and edgy hard rock songs. This album was later rereleased under the name “Disclaimer
  II. During the years the band developed a more smooth style.

  In the year 2005 the band released “Karma and Effect” which contained
  hits as “Truth” and “Remedy”. The album sold platinum. With
  this album they wanted to step away from the image they created with their break
  trough song “Broken”.
  In 2006 they released an acoustic album and now in 2007 they finally came up
  with some new material. The album starts of with the confidential sound of Shaun’s
  voice on “Like Suicide”. Loads of energy coming out of my speakers!
  Exactly what I am used to when listening to these South Africans. Second song
  on the album is “Fake it” which is the first single of this album.

  The scream driven songs sound a little more melodic compared with their latest
  studio release. The album total also sounds a little more melodic, but “Finding
  Beauty in Negative Spaces” is definitely a logical follow up album in the
  discography of Seether. The band seems to want to learn us something important:
  Whatever happens, always look on the bright side of life!

Line Up:
  SHAUN MORGAN – Vocals, Guitar
  DALE STEWART – Bass, Vocals

  01. Like Suicide
  02. Fake It
  03. Breakdown
  04. FYLYHM
  05. Fallen
  06. Rise Above This
  07. No Jesus Christ
  08. Six Gun Quota
  09. Walk Away From The Sun
  10. Eyes of The Devil
  11. Don’t Believe
  12. Waste

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