Sister Dew – Comrades of Solitude

Release date: someday in 2007, Label: Unsigned
By: Nina Mende

  No Rrriotgirl, no Pop-Punk or Retro-Rock. Formerly 4 rock chicks from the Ruhrcoast*
  since 2007 only 3 and a male drummer, who is not playing on this album yet…
  more mature, but still dirty and accompanied by a knight in shining armour
  who swapped his sword for two wooden sticks ( it’s a kind of magic). Our
  ‘comrades in solitude’ are: sometimes cryptical, from a deeper layer
  of skin, rollin’ and creepin. then, from lethargy to enragement to just
  breaking out on stage. as longs as there’s air in our lungs, our hearts
  are yearning, setting a blaze. this is our kind of alternative rock. touching
  and forbidding at the same time. no vanity fair, but emotion. they just started.
  and they’re gonna get you . so just take a dose. and spread this disease.

  I have never heard of this band before, nor did I ever hear anything of their
  music before… so I was very curious what this would sound like. Simply looking
  at the album I somehow thinking of many things it could sound like….
  But as I actually listened to it, I was very suprised about the great music
  coming to my ears. The band reminds me of a nice mix between Alanis Morissette,
  Skin (or former Skunk Anansie), Linda Perry, Guano Apes and Die Happy. But I
  don’t want to compare them, I just want to give you an impression of what you
  can expect when you listen to Sister Dew.
  Powerful female rock, straight forward and ready to rock the stage along all
  the male colleagues.

  The album starts out with “not there”, a song that slowly introduces
  you to what this album will be like. A song that especially reminds me of Skin,
  not really because of the sound but some styles and the depth of the lyrics
  and the structure of the song.
  “Deafmachine” is one of the harder songs, very rocky.
  Every song has deep lyrics and lots of emotions put into it which reflect strenght
  and growth.
  “Comrades in Solitude” is the ballad on this album. A gorgeous song
  with piano and great vocals. This song is so full of emotions. Perfect for the
  last song, because it keeps your thoughts captured for some time afterwards.

  A gorgeous album and honestly way better than I expected.

  1. Not there
  2. Second skin
  3. Papercut
  4. Leafletter
  5. Kiss your heart goodbye
  6. Deafmachine
  7. Kill the night
  8. Suntongue
  9. Prince of appletreetown
  10. Comrades in solitude


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