23 July 2024

[ówt krì] – Pilgrimage

[schema type=”review” name=”ówt krì – Pilgrimage” author=”Sabine van Gameren” pubdate=”2015-12-31″ ]
A project called [Ówt Krì], origin in Helsinki (Finland), is releasing an album called “Pilgrimage”. The project started in 2005 and is all about experimental and ambient sounds.

Back with a new release and yet it is an album with the most extraordinary experiences. At first you may not be too convinced the tracks are belonging together, the tracks are rather different. Heavy metal elements, then to the sounds of a church, then the happiness and a weird transition into some dreamy world. Does it really come together at some point? Maybe not too much, but you may come to lay the connection at some point. It seems at first that the album is easy to listen to, but for getting the full experience you have to sit it out, replay and get into it.

Each song individually has something unique to offer and when you put that in a line the drama comes forth from it, making it an album that with its immense diversity can surprise you at many different fronts and when you finish listening it for some time you feel you are getting a grip on it. Yet, it feels like a story that is not complete yet, are we going to get more of this? Are there more parts to be added? We can imagine there is.

[ówt krì] - Pilgrimage Tracklist:
01. Static Continuum
02. From Shadows
03. Messe De Requiem
04. Pilgrimage 1
05. Flight to Kailash
06. Pilgrimage 2
07. Absurd
08. Integrity / I Believe