25 February 2024

Revengine – Plan Your Escape

Releasedate: 14-08-2009
By: Sabine van Gameren

After receiving a promo from the Finnish band Revengine earlier this year (review) they now released an EP. It is called “Plan Your Escape”.

On their earlier released promo there was hardly an own sound to find as all the songs on there were leaking connection with each other. To see what these Finns changed compared to the previous release is much of a pleasure. They open the album with a steady rock song, laid back and not too aggressive. Band like Metallica and Pantera can be find back as influences of their music. The lyrics are easy to pick up and therefore the band will do a nice job in catching interest of an audience when being in a live situation. On “Plan Your Escape” there is the third song “Live In A Moment” that is the most attractive one because of the contrast between slower and faster parts. The fifth song “Die For You” goes on like this.

Most important to this all is that the band succeeded in making this EP sound like one piece. The music does fit together and therefore it is much more pleasant to listen to than their promo. Keep it going guys!

Line Up:
Antti Jokiranta – VOCALS / GUITARS
Jouni Yli-Rantala – DRUMS
Juha Järvelä -BASS

01. Given It All
02. Treason
03. Live In A Moment
04. Fear Me
05. Die For You
06. Turn To Stone

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