11 December 2023

De/vision – NOOB

Release date: 28-08-2007, Label: e-wave records /Drakkar Entertainment GmbH
By: Nina Mende

After two years DE/VISION finally released a new studio album.

  DE/VISION is is a German synthpop musical group. The band started as a quartet
  consisting of Thomas Adam, Steffen Keth, Stefan Blender, and Markus Ganssert.
  They formed the band in 1988. The name De/Vision is a play on words. The majority
  of the band’s lyrics are in English, but they have had some songs in German.
  Markus left the band in 2000. In the same year Steffen started a side project
  as the vocalists with Green Court, called ‘Green Court featuring De/Vision’.
  The band with remaining members Thomas Adam and Steffen Keth is currently signed
  to Drakkar Records in Europe and Dancing Ferret Discs in North America. They
  have released more than 10 albums so far.

  As I listened to the album for the first time and the first song started off
  I really wondered if this album would be more industrial than the last ones
  because of the hard electronic beats in the very beginning. But the typical
  De/Vision style set in right away: smooth melodies combined with the nice vocals
  of Steffen (the singer) that make your mind drift away.
  As usual all songs have the potential to get stuck in your head quite easily.
  Especially the song “flavour of the week” which is a great dance song.
  Another great song is “nine lives”, a quite slow song that spreads
  warmth and love somehow.
  “Deep Blue” is a song that gives the impression of being under water,
  not only because of the name or the lyrics but also because of the beginning
  sounds, that also remind you a little bit of Kraftwerk.
  “Enemy inside” goes back to the strongness that surprised me in the
  beginning and it fits perfectly to the lyrics.
  The NOOB album has deep lyrics and still spreads happiness.
  So if you are into synthi pop that is very danceable and gets stuck in your
  head easily, then you should definitely get the NOOB album by De/Vision.

     1. What you deserve
  2. Obsolete
  3. Nine lives
  4. Life is suffering
  5. Death of me
  6. Flavour of the week
  7. Deep blue
  8. See what I see
  9. Living fast dying young
  10. The far side of the moon
  11. What it feels like
  12. The enemy inside


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