24 June 2024

Schallfaktor – End of Love

Release date: 31-08-2007, Label: Infacted Records
By: Nina Mende
  SCHALLFAKTOR – that is Drazen Sucic. He started some time between 2002
  and 2003 with his concept planning for the first project which ended up in an
  album called “Schmerzgrenze” in 2006. On his way, especially at live
  shows, Steffen Minich is supporting him since then. The songs are mostly in
  German. His new “End of love EP” was released at the end of August
  this year, and I got to listen to it.
  The CD contains 12 tracks, but eight of them are remixes: seven remixes of
  the song “End of love” by bands like Suicide Commando, Grendel, Wynardtage
  and so on, and one remix of the song “Psychokiller” by Acylum. Quite
  a lot of songs for an EP!!! The music is very electronic and industrial, great
  for clubs. I guess calling it harsh electro describes it quite well. The vocals
  are mostly in German with lots of robot-like voice distortion. I think it is
  very interesting listening to it, but it is too electronic and industrial for
  me to listen to it for longer time, too cold. I miss the melodies and story-telling
  vocals. I have to admit, though, as I saw them live as opening act for UnterArt
  and Rabia Sorda in the beginning of this year, I liked them. So if you like
  industrial, EBM and harsh electro you will definitely like it. Just to clarify
  one thing: I like it too, for a song or two, or when I am out. I just wouldn’t
  put it in my CD player and listen to it for an hour if I want to listen to music.

  01. end of love
  02. end of love – suicide commando remix
  03. end of love – grendel remix
  04. selbstmordgedanken
  05. psychokiller
  06. end of love – wynardtage remix
  07. zukunft
  08. psychokiller – acylum remix
  09. end of love – alternative mix
  10. end of love – nexus nemesis remix
  11. end of love – modulate remix
  12. end of love – nvmph remix  


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