23 July 2024

Turmion Kätilöt – U.S.C.H!

Releasedate: 20-05-2009
By: Sabine van Gameren

The Finnish industrial metal band Turmion Kätilöt released their third full length album “U.S.C.H!” after solving disagreements with their record company.

The long awaited album was formerly offered as a mp3 download on their website, but now it is finally available as a hard copy. It features some bonus songs as well to keep those who downloaded it already satisfied. “U.S.C.H!” is an album that contains songs in Finnish and also songs that are in English. Before the band always sung in Finnish only. The album is one that is a bit harsher and more aggressive than their second and first album. Yet, there is the typical Turmion Kätilöt approach as well. Nothing goes too far, limits do not exist. And to underline this statement their title song “U.S.C.H!” has a vibe of the refrain of 2unlimited’s song No Limit. The 90’s techno group from Belgium/the Netherlands has maybe served as inspiration, but Turmion Kätilöt makes it swinging, aggressive and danceable for those who like to go hard. The song “Minä Määrään” is practically the bridge between their second album “Pirun Nyrkki” and “U.S.C.H!”. They also recorded a video for this song. When looking for a flagship for the album it can be found in the song “Shuttle to Venus”. It has a high shout-a-long potential and will do great in live shows. The album closes with “Million Dollar Business” which has a little teasing intro.

Musicfans who got caught by the impact that Rammstein had with their sarcastic way of putting their point should consider checking out this album as well. The band released an excellent album.

Line Up:
MC Raaka Pee – vocals
Dj Vastapallo – guitar
Spellgoth – vocals (live)
RunQ – keyboard
Master Bates – bass
DQ – drums

Vuosi 2008
Pakanamaan Kartta
Kuolleitten Laulu
Paha Musta Veri
Minä Määrään
Destination Hades
Kuoleman Päivä
Shuttle To Venus
Alternative End For Your U.S.C.H!
Million Dollar Business

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